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Protect Family Wealth And Put Your Wishes In Writing

Estate planning protects your family in the future and gives you peace of mind in the present. Without certain documents in place, your loved ones could be left in the dark about your wishes or deprived of their full inheritance.

The Ashtari Law Firm provides customized estate plans for people of all walks of life in accordance with Texas law.

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Personalized Estate Planning

For more than 10 years, attorney Alina Ashtari has been helping clients create and implement plans to express their wishes regarding the disposition and protection of assets. The Ashtari Law Firm offers a comprehensive estate planning package that includes:

  • A last will and testament
  • Declaration of guardians for minor children (if applicable)
  • A statutory power of attorney to manage your business and personal affairs if you become mentally or physically incapacitated
  • A medical power of attorney to make health care decisions on your behalf
  • Designating an agent for disposition of remains
  • A transfer upon death deed (if applicable)

Probate And Administration Of The Estate

When a loved one dies, the grieving family members are often faced with complex financial and legal questions. There may be a necessity for the administration of the estate in order to properly pass estate property to the heirs or beneficiaries. Attorney Ashtari will determine the most efficient legal process available for your unique circumstances and guide you through every step of probate and estate administration to ensure that your deceased family member’s wishes are carried out.

Alina Ashtari has handled all types of Texas probate cases, from the small estate affidavit to advising on independent administration of larger estates. She provides close support for the tasks of gathering assets, locating heirs, paying debts and taxes, liquidating property and final accounting and reporting.

Having an experienced attorney by your side as you navigate through probate court proceedings will ensure your loved one’s estate is settled correctly and efficiently. The Ashtari Law Firm will make the administration process simple and convenient for executors, beneficiaries, and administrators.

Start Planning Today For Whatever May Come

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