A Passion For Supporting Children And Family Values

Helping Every Type Of Family In The Rainbow

Every family is unique and special and everyone deserves outstanding legal representation regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. LGBTQ+ family law is constantly evolving, and Alina Ashtari stays abreast of the changing laws that affect your rights.

The Ashtari Law Firm represents LGBTQ+ individuals and families in the full spectrum of family matters such as divorce, property division, maintenance, allocation of parental responsibilities, adoption, second-parent adoptions, prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, and estate planning.

Guidance For Same-Sex Divorce

Whether it involves heterosexual or same-sex couples, a divorce can be a heartbreaking, emotional and legally complex process. Alina Ashtari will advocate vigorously on your behalf and work toward the optimal result for you. Divorce usually involves a number of contentious issues, including property division, spousal maintenance, child custody and child support. Ms. Ashtari’s philosophy is that most divorce-related disagreements can be settled without the time and expense of trial through professional, experienced representation and guidance. Alina Ashtari is a certified mediator and, when necessary, an effective courtroom advocate.

Adoption For LGBTQ+ Parents

Whether you plan to adopt your partner’s biological child or build your family through an agency adoption (domestic or abroad), the Ashtari Law Firm can assist you through every step of the process. Learn more about our adoption services.

Assisted Reproductive Technology

Alina Ashtari has a master’s degree in biological science and experience in medical research. That background helps her understand the options and the legal ramifications of infertility medicine and assisted reproductive technology (ART). The Ashtari Law Firm can help LGBTQ+ couples build families through surrogacy, in vitro fertilization and other means, by drafting, review and negotiation of:

  • Gestational agreements
  • Pre-birth orders
  • Surrogacy agreements
  • Egg or sperm donor agreements
  • Reciprocal IVF agreements

In addition to helping intended parents, Alina Ashtari also counsels donors and surrogates in these arrangements to help them understand their legal obligations and safeguard their own rights and interests.

Prenuptial And Cohabitation Agreements

A prenuptial agreement can be a valuable tool for opening the lines of communication before entering into marriage. This is a written contract, signed prior to marriage, describing the manner in which the couple wishes to handle the division of assets in the event of a future divorce

A cohabitation agreement can be drafted to protect the financial interests of individuals who live together without the intention of being married. This type of agreement can protect couples against future allegations of common law marriage.

Estate Planning Geared To LGBTQ+ Families

While planning for future illness or death is an unpleasant topic that most couples want to avoid, estate planning for LGBTQ+ couples is imperative. The Ashtari Law Firm helps same-sex couples (married or unmarried) create comprehensive estate plans with provisions for medical decisions and property distributions that honor the wishes and protect the rights of each partner or spouse.

A comprehensive estate planning package includes the will, power of attorney, living will, medical power of attorney, designation of an agent to dispose of remains and, if necessary, a transfer-upon-death deed.

Compassionate And Welcoming Legal Support

Alina Ashtari cares about children and families, not labels. She is attuned to the special legal issues and conflicts that LGBTQ+ families face under the laws and family courts of Texas. If you need legal guidance in this area of law, schedule a free consultation at schedule a free initial consultation at 713-853-9651 or contact me online.