Building And Protecting Families

Whether your family is growing through adoption or changing because of divorce, the Ashtari Law Firm provides strong legal guidance and compassionate support. We are devoted to protecting children and helping families move forward.

Family Law In The Houston Area






Custom Solutions
For Modern Families

Today’s family structures have unique needs. With more than a decade of family law experience, Alina Ashtari is attuned to the nuances of unconventional families, nontraditional adoptions, assisted reproductive technology (ART) and LGBTQ+ issues.

The Ashtari Law Firm strives to provide a customized approach that fits your family and your goals, whether you are considering a cohabitation agreement or prenuptial agreement, exploring in-vitro fertilization or surrogacy, or need creative solutions for divorce and co-parenting.

Caring And Attentive
Legal Support

Family matters are complex and stressful, especially when it comes to issues involving children. The Ashtari Law Firm‘s holistic approach helps children thrive by assisting the adults in the situation. In addition to problem-solving the legal issues of divorce and custody, Alina Ashtari provides emotional support and guidance to help families find a way forward. Ms. Ashtari is a certified mediator as well as a certified attorney ad litem and amicus attorney appointed by the family courts to represent children in Child Protective Services and contested custody cases.

photo of attorney Alina Ashtari

Making Plans
For The Future

Estate planning is vital to your family’s well-being and your peace of mind. It preserves your wishes regarding the distribution of your assets in the event of your untimely death and guides your loved ones and medical providers in the event of an unexpected incapacity. The Ashtari Law Firm can help protect your family’s future by creating a customized package of estate planning documents, including your last will and testament, powers of attorney and a living will. Let’s plan out your legacy.

Experience, compassion and professionalism for the delicate matters of family law. 

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