A Passion For Supporting Children And Family Values

A Solutions Approach To Family Law

Alina Ashtari founded the Ashtari Law Firm to serve the unique needs of today’s modern families. Her practice is devoted to Texas family law and estate planning, serving clients in Harris, Fort Bend, Brazoria and surrounding counties.

With a passion for promoting family values and protecting the interests of children, Ms. Ashtari advocates for clients through a holistic approach that helps move them forward, build strong families and safeguard their future interests.

A Soft Spot For The Needs Of Children

Attorney Ashtari cares deeply about the well-being of children and the family unit. In addition to representing adults in adoption and child custody proceedings, Ms. Ashtari is a court-certified attorney ad litem and amicus attorney appointed by the courts to represent children in Child Protective Services (CPS) and other contested custody matters. Children are the most vulnerable individuals in our society, and Ms. Ashtari believes the best way to safeguard kids is to protect parental rights and give adults the tools and support to be better parents.

Experienced In Advocating For Today’s Modern Families

As many of her clients are non-traditional families, Attorney Ashtari stays up to date with advances in infertility medicine and assisted reproductive technology as well as the ever-evolving laws regarding surrogacy and egg, sperm and embryo donation, and LGBTQ+ family matters.  The Ashtari Law Firm has assisted gay couples with private adoptions, second-parent/step-parent adoptions, divorce, donor agreements, and estate planning.

Close, Caring Support For Difficult Issues

Family law can be messy and stressful. Because Ms. Ashtari takes the time to listen and understand the family dynamics, she is intimately familiar with each and every client and child. Alina Ashtari is a certified mediator who can guide families to practical and healthy solutions as well as an experienced litigator when it is necessary to stand your ground in court to protect your parental or property rights.

Call To Discuss Your Situation

The Ashtari Law Firm is ready to help with your family law matters. Contact our  office for a consultation at 713-853-9651 or reach out by email.